Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

Annual STCE meeting 2014

June 12, 2014 - Meridian@ROB

On June 12, we serve our annual meeting the 2014 edition including STCE highlights, the results of 5 workshops and of the STCE 2013 science call.

The avant-premiere workshops

We list the workshops. You are certainly welcome. Click on the workshop titles for more information.


10:00Welcome Ronald Van der Linden
10:05Space Weather Impacts on Earth's magnetic fieldAlan Thompson
Workshop reports
10:35Science and operation of the PROBA satellite fleetNicolas Bergeot
10:50Tomography and 3D reconstructionCis Verbeeck
11:05Long term solar changesEls Janssen
11:20Physical Processes in Solar-Terrestrial PlasmasMichael Pieters
11:35Modelling of antennas and calibration of radio instrumentsPepijn Cardoen
11:50Break - grab a drink
Meet & Greet (TBC)
12:05 A guided tour through the mysteries of LYRA, Radio science fiction, GNSS investigations of the troposphere and the Picasso space technology. When you met one, your guide will lead you to the next person. Julie Berckmans
Pepijn Cardoen
Antonio Martinez
Dan Ryan
13:00Finally, lunch - food & drinks!


Venue: Meridian Room - Royal Observatory of Belgium, Ringlaan - 3 - Avenue Circulaire, B1180 Brussels see on a map

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Free lunch & coffee is foreseen for people listed.

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