Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

Annual meeting 2011 - past Highlights and future Opportunities & Challenges

Tuesday June 07, 2011 - Meridian room at ROB

The STCE bundles different sorts of activities - research, applications, services. The STCE offers you the possibility to carry out your job on a long term basis. During this half day annual meeting, we want to highlight our past achievements. But, the STCE wants to be more than only a basis for long term funding. We look for opportunities within and beyond the borders of the STCE. From this view point, 6 (!) workshops were proposed by STCE members. Each workshop emphasized on another subject. During the 2011 annual meeting, a workshop convenor presents the wrap up focussing on the collaborations within and outside the STCE. We end with a lunch offering you an informal platform to continue discussing or just chatting.


09:00Welcome breakfast - food & coffee
Appetiser session
09:30Picard - hot newsSteven Dewitte
10:00Space Situational Awareness - opportunities for the STCEWerner Verschueren
10:05The STCE - Highlights, Opportunities and ChallengesRonald Van der Linden
The real work: Wrap up of workshops
10:30Retrieval of Aerosol properties from Satellite and Ground-based measurementsSvetlana Kochenova
10:50Radio ScienceHervé Lamy
11:30Water vapour, meteorology and climateEric Pottiaux
11:50Accessing and exploiting SDO dataVeronique Delouille
12:10Ionospheric research & services: present status and future developmentNicolas Bergeot
12:30Alfven waves in Space PlasmaAndrei Zhukov
Informal Part
12:50Lunch - food & drinks

Workshops preceeding the 2011 annual meeting