Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

Annual Meeting 2010

The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence holds its 2010 annual meeting on June 03. This year, we focus on the collaborative nature of the STCE and we leave room for discussion.
In the plenary morning session, three STCE members zoom in on the contribution of all the involved projects to three general topics.
In the afternoon, the splinter sessions are the platform to discuss topic wise possible synenergies, collaborations or to simply chair your expertise.

Thursday June 03, 2010

09:15 Coffee Meridian
09:30 Welcome Ronald Van der Linden
09:45 Research and Modeling Andrei Zhukov
10:40 Applications, Services, Data storage and exploitation: I Didier Moreau
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Applications, Services, Data storage and exploitation: II Didier Moreau
12:05 Instrumentation Hugo De Backer
13:00 Lunch Director's House
14:00 Splinters
Space Science and Weather Johan De Keyser - Frederic Clette * Meridian
Radiation and Earth Atmosphere Steven Dewitte - Michel Van Roozendael * Blue Chalet
Ionosphere René Warnant, I/II - Nicolas Bergeot * TV-room
Radio Science Christophe Marqué - Hervé Lamy Salle de séance
15:00 Splinter summaries and action plan Meridian
16:00 Reception Director's House

Your choice of participating in a particular splinter can be lead by the content of the project in which the chairs are involved.
Click on the name and you will be redirected to a work package relevant for the splinter. Even if you are not involved in that particular work package, your presence can be relevant: new insights, new collaborations, added values, ...
* Pay attention: the chair of the splinter is in some cases not the work package leader. It means that the chair is strongly involved in the work package relevant for the splinter and that he knows how to handle it.
Additional information about the splinter 'Radio Science'
During the splinter, the following topics will be discussed:
  • Creation of a working group "Radio Science" with scientists/engineers/IT people
  • Possible collaborations on the existing projects
  • Creation of a mailing list/wiki/helpdesk
  • Creation of a group to protect the radioastronomical site of Humain
This list is of course not exhaustive.

Please subscribe the latest by Tuesday June 01, by replying to Mrs Anne Vandersyppe. with the indication if you stay for lunch and, if you join for a splinter, which one.

We hope to meet many STCE, Space Pole and interested colleagues on June 03!