Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

STCE Workshop - Alfven Waves and Turbulence in Solar-Terrestrial Plasmas

Friday May 25, 2012 - Green room at BIRA, 9:40 - 14:50

In the framework of the STCE-2012 annual meeting, we organize the STCE-2012 Alfven workshop on Alfvén waves and turbulence in solar-terrestrial plasmas. The goal of this workshop is to review the last year achievements and coordinate research developed by the STCE institutes within Space Pole and in collaboration with outside partners. In this year edition of the workshop we appreciate the fact that Alfvén waves as observed in space plasmas are mostly in a turbulent state, hence "turbulence" is now explicitly included in the workshop title. Another new thing is that the workshop will be in two parts. The first (morning) part will have the same format as last year, consisting of regular (20+5)-min talks. The second (afternoon) part will be a joint workshop/STCE seminar given by two world-class scientists in the field.

Looking forward to meet you!
Yuriy Voitenko and Andrea Verdini


09:40Welcome tea/coffee
Part I - STCE 2012 Alfvén Workshop
09:50Welcome forewordY. Voitenko
10:00Reduced MHD Turbulence, Homogeneous case and applications to loops and coronal holesA. Verdini
10:25STORM: Solar system plasma Turbulence - Observations, inteRmittency and MultifractalsM. Echim
10:50Coffee Break and Discussions
11:10Implementing turbulence in kinetic modeling of solar wind particlesV. Pierrard
11:35Kinetic-scale Alfvénic turbulence in the solar wind: dissipative versus dispersive effectsY. Voitenko
12:00Lunch and discussions

Part II - Joint STCE-2012 Alfvén workshop and STCE seminar
13:00Testing theoretical models of MHD turbulence by solar wind dataG. Gogoberidze, Univ. of Calabria, Italy
13:45Multifractal turbulence and magnetic reconnection at the leading edge of an interplanetary CMEA.C.-L. Chian, Paris Observatory-LESIA, France
14:30Open Discussion
15:00 End of the Workshop


Please confirm your attendance by e-mail to voitenko at In the case you would like to give a talk please let us know asap (before 27 April).