Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

STCE Workshop - Alfven Waves and Turbulence in Solar and Space Plasmas

Thursday May 30, 2013 - Meeting Room at RMI, 9:40 - 15:45

In the framework of the STCE-2013 annual meeting, we organize the workshop on Alfvén waves and turbulence in solar and space plasmas. The workshop aims to review the last year achievements in the field and to coordinate research on waves and turbulence within Space Pole and in collaboration with outside partners. The workshop will comprise two sessions:
  1. Solar Wind Modeling and Turbulence Effects, and
  2. Similarities and Distinctions Between Solar and Magnetospheric Phenomena.
Space Pole scientists will give (20+5)-min talks. We invited two external world-class scientists who will give (30+5) min talk.


09:40Welcome tea/coffee
09:55Welcome forewordY. Voitenko
Part I - Solar Wind Modeling and Turbulence Effects
Convener: Y. Voitenko
10:00Establishing a connection between solar and interplanetary parameters in fast solar wind streams A. Zhukov
10:25On the role of turbulence in establishing tangential discontinuity equilibrium structureJ. De Keyser
10:50Coarse grained dissipation and intermittency M. Echim
11:15Coffee/Tea Break and Discussions
11:30Kinetic modeling of turbulent solar wind V. Pierrard
11:55Decameter radio emission of the Sun V. Melnik (Institute of Radio Astronomy, Kharkov, Ukraine)
12:30Lunch and discussions

Part II - Similarities and Distinctions Between Solar and Magnetospheric Phenomena
Convener: A. Zhukov
13:30Energy transport and deposition by Alfvén waves in solar flaresL. Fletcher (Univ. of Glasgow, UK)
14:05Energy transport by waves in the solar coronaT. Van Doorsselaere (KULeuven, Belgium)
14:40Energy transport and deposition by Alfvén waves in geomagnetic substormsY. Voitenko
15:05Coffee/Tea Break
15:15Open Discussion
15:45 End of the Workshop


To register for the workshop or its part, and for the lunch, please fill a doodle.

Looking forward to meet you!
Yuriy Voitenko and Andrei Zhukov