Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

Modelling of antennas and calibration of radio instruments

Friday June 6, 2014 - Meridian Room@ROB, 10h-16h

Session Conveners: Christophe Marque and Herve Lamy

This one-day workshop is dedicated to the modelling of antenna and practical calibration of radio instruments used for scientific applications. We will have invited speakers to talk about the calibration of the most exciting current and future radio instruments/networks/radar such as LOFAR, Nancay radioheliograph and spectrograph, SKA, EISCAT_3D and AMISR. We will also have talks about the modelling/calibration of the BRAMS antennas, the parabolic antenna in Humain used for solar observations, and the GPS antennas used for GNSS. We finally plan some time for open discussions for potential collaborations.


10:00UAV-based Antenna Pattern Measurements at Low Frequencies
by Dr. Guiseppe Virone
10:30Calibration of LOFAR antennas
by Mr. Tijs Karskens
11:00Spectral and imaging solar observations at Nançay: calibration strategies and problems.
by Dr. Alain Kerdraon
11:30Calibration of the BRAMS antenna & solar radio telescope in Humain
by Mr. Antonio Martinez Picar
12:00Lunch Break
13:30Common Methods for GNSS Antenna Calibration
by Dr. Wim Aerts
14:00GNSS antenna calibration for mini-UAV
by Dr. Marco Piras
14:30Calibration of the AMISR phased array radar with local test antennas and modelling
by Dr. Craig Heinselman
15:00Phase-calibration of a 2-antenna ISR system
by Dr. Björn Gustavsson
15:30Final Discussions
16:00End of the Meeting

Registration & Logistics

Registration is free and can be done by adding your name in this google document. All participants are offered a free lunch and coffee.
Contact: Christophe.Marque at or Herve.lamy at

Venue: Meridian Room - Royal Observatory of Belgium, Ringlaan - 3 - Avenue Circulaire, B1180 Brussels see on a map

This meeting is supported by the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE)