Daily Live Space Weather Forecast

Space weather forecast services is a way to mitigate space weather impacts.

There are two main purposes for this exercise: to allow conference attendees who are new to Space Weather forecasts to gain some familiarity and to allow the agencies involved to exchange ideas by sharing their own forecast / presentation techniques.

So, get your daily, live space weather update over the previous 24 hours and a forecast for the next 24 hours at
Monday, 16:00 - during the poster session,
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 - following the keynotes
in room Delvaux

Mon Nov 14, 16:00 SeNMEsJudith Palacios
Tue Nov 15, 10:00 SIDCJesse Andries
Wed Nov 16, 10:00BGSLaurence Billingham
Thu Nov 17, 10:00SWPCRodney Viereck
Fri Nov 18, 10:00MOSWOCHelen Waite