Tutorial - Space Weather Forecasting

How do they do it? What sort of input or data is needed? Why do they do it?
We offer another point of view on space weather forecasting.

Welcome coffee
9:40 - 10:00 Erehal

After coffee, we move to room 'Delvaux' for:

The Sun in STEREO : 10y


The human interest story on the spacecraft STEREO with Pierre Rochus and Barbara Thompson.
Your host: Andrei Zhukov

The art of Space weather forecasting

  • Satellites - by Petra Vanlommel
  • Sunspots - by Olivier Lemaitre
  • Space Weather@B.USOC - by Carla Jacobs
  • SW Forecast in practice - by Elke D'Huys

Space Weather Impacts: Socio-Economic costs and benefits of mitigation


Why we worry about space weather? How can we deal with it?

* We start with a 5min introduction by Antti Pulkkinen.
* An elevator pitch by all the panel members: Antti Pulkkinen, Mark Gibbs, Edward Oughton and Alan Thomson
* Rocket round: only yes/no answers by the panel members.
* Q&A and panel discussion - we expand the discussion on the yes/no answers. The audience has also the possibility to fire questions.

Space Casino

11:50-12:00 by K.D. Leka

Results from the ESWW12 casino bets: how many X-flares will occur between Nov 27 2015 and the start of ESWW13?