Music after Work

Tuesday November 15, 20:00-22:00, Lounge Bar in the Kursaal.

Live performances of
Jean Lilensten, on the guitar
Stefaan Poedts, on the sax
Olivier Lemaitre, on the drums
Pietro Zucca, vocals
Antonio Guerrero Ortegaon the Spanish guitar
Judith Palacios, vocals
YOU*, with or without an instrument
alternated with YOUR* favorite songs.

* How can YOU contribute?

ESWW13 participants are invited to contribute to the live performance program and/or to the ESWW13 favorite songs play list.
Email the LOC
  • about your live performance. If possible, bring your own music instrument. An amplifier and microphones are foreseen.
  • the title + artist of your favorite song. The LOC will add your song(s) to the ESWW13 favorite songs play list. It is possible to introduce the song to the public.

You can also contribute by coming and listening to the music, learn about the songs of choice of your colleagues, make a few dance moves, have a drink and chat. Drinks can be ordered and paid at the bar.