Space Weather activities at the University of Alcala

The University of Alcala is one of the most active national teams in the space weather science, being responsible for the Spanish Space Weather Service (SeNMEs, This service includes a local geomagnetic index with minute resolution in real time: the LDiƱ. New scales have also been specifically designed for Spain to quantify the level of geomagnetic disturbance and the risk of GICs.

In addition to the development of space weather products and basic research, the University of Alcala is also firmly committed to its students and space weather appears to be very appropriate to also covering this commitment. At our stand you can discover how the students have reached several goals which complement their official skills: to participate in the development of instruments, to approach to the Space Weather Science, and to consider international collaboration as a way to share their own experience.

Contact Cid, Consuelo and Guerrero, Antonio, University of Alcala, Spain