EnduroSat designs and engineers the next-generation CubeSat platform for a range of missions from low Earth orbit to Solar System exploration with a main focus on swarm satellite applications. We believe that CubeSats should be flown further than low Earth orbit and we work towards the realization of this goal.

Our team consists of talented young engineers and scientists, dedicated to improving Humanity’s access to Space. We all share a genuine passion for Space. We exist to help build Human infrastructure in space. Our platforms and systems are designed and engineered to function in space for long time in a completely autonomous mode. EnduroSat’s mission is to provide simpler access to space for business customers, scientists and technologists.

So far we have designed and engineered 11 CubeSat subsystems that altogether comprise a fully integrated satellite bus platform ready to host a wide range of payloads for a variety of missions. They have all passed space qualification testing performed in accordance with ECSS and NASA space standards. All systems have been designed with innovative components and production technologies utilizing high-quality materials. Our CubeSat is engineered to be compatible with GNSS receiver, atomic clock, high-resolution cameras and many more. It can serve as an ideal testbed and in-orbit validation of new satellite technologies.

Contact: Kozarev Kamen