The ESA-SSA Geomagnetic Conditions Expert Service Centre

The mission of the Geomagnetic Conditions Expert Service Centre (G-ESC) is to provide and develop the functionalities, capabilities and expertise in the domain of geomagnetism within the ESA SSA SWE Network. In P2-SWE-I the G-ESC consists of eight renowned expert groups as follows: (1) Tromsø Geophysical Observatory/Norwegian Centre for Space Weather at The Arctic University of Tromsø, (2) Technical University of Denmark – DTU Space, (3) Finnish Meteorological Institute, (4) Swedish Institute for Space Physics, (5) German Research Centre for Geosciences, (6) Polar Geophysical Institute, (7) Solar Influences Data Analysis Center, (8) Norwegian Mapping Authority. By the end of the P2-SWE-I Project 22 new products and services will be provided that address a number of identified key user requirements of Power System Operators, Pipeline Operators, Resource Exploitation and Tourism within the Non-space System Operators service domain. This talk focuses on the current status of the G-ESC with detailed introduction to the ongoing product and service developments, as well as the identified future challenges.

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