The ESA-SSA Heliospheric Weather Expert Service Centre

For Period 2 of the ESA Space Situational Awareness (SSA) space weather programme (SWE) a new Heliospheric Weather Expert Service Centre (H-ESC) has been established. The H-ESC will complement the four pre-existing ESCs by providing a set of products with a focus on the solar wind, including the transient structures therein, as they propagate out from the Sun’s corona through the heliosphere. The H-ESC exploits both physics based (WSA/ENLIL) and empirical models together with in-situ measurements from L1 and near-Earth to provide predictions, alerts and forecaster commentary of heliospheric weather conditions in support of end-users and other ESCs.
During the summer and autumn of 2016 the initial set of products provided by the H-ESC have undergone integration to make them accessible through the SSA/SWE portal. In this presentation we present an overview of the current status of the H-ESC, the Expert Groups involved and the products that are being federated. We also discuss the priorities for future development of the H-ESC in order to further address the product and service requirements relevant to the heliospheric domain.

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