PROBA2 satellite - PRoject for Onboard Autonomy

by Matt West and the PROBA2 Science Centre team

PROBA2 is a small ESA satellite with a scientific mission to explore the active Sun and its effect on the near-Earth space environment. Now part of ESA's Space Situational Awareness program, PROBA2 provides high cadence observations of the Sun with a wide field-of-view EUV imager (SWAP) and a EUV/UV radiometer (LYRA). The PROBA2 Science Center, at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, supports a host of space weather monitoring tools that depend on data from PROBA2.

At the fair the PROBA2 team will showcase SWAP and LYRA's capabilities and be on hand to answer any questions surrounding the mission including how to access data, what the observations show us, or more technical questions about the instruments on-board.

Contact: Matthew West, Elke D'Huys