The ESA-SSA Space Radiation Expert Service Centre

Space environment particles come in many forms ranging from particle radiation (ambient plasma, solar energetic particles, radiation belts, galactic cosmic rays) to micron-size particulates (from meteoroids and space debris). Each phenomenon is associated with specific induced effects on technologies and biological systems. The Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Space Radiation Expert Service Centre (R-ESC) covers the monitoring, modelling and forecasting of these particles and their effects in regard to the near-Earth space environment. With expertise in the energetic particle space environment (science and applications) the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) has been the Coordinator of the R-ESC since it was set up during the Preparatory Phase of the SSA SWE programme and continues in this role during Period 2. The R-ESC is currently a network of eleven Expert Groups comprised of eight product providers and three consultants with expertise in charged particle radiation. In this presentation an update on existing as well as new products will be given and it will be shown how these products provide users a large spectrum of applications covering different satellite orbits as well as airline altitudes. The various products are organized in a way to offer services specific to the different user groups. The performance of these services have been analyzed through a targeted campaign with user involvement. We briefly report on the outcome of the campaign. Finally, it will be presented how the network is paving the way forward for the future expansion of the R-ESC while making sure that the mission of the R-ESC - to provide and develop functionalities, capabilities and expertise needed in the Space Radiation domain - is maintained.

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