T-Minus engineering: T-minus Dart

The company T-Minus Engineering develops rocket systems for scientific research. With our extensive knowledge on rocket design and operation and by making use of state-of-the-art technology, we are able to design rockets that are cost-effective and provide the best means to achieve the goals of our customers.

Our T-Minus DART sounding rocket utilizes cutting edge technologies to bring miniaturized payloads to a suborbital altitude of 120 km. Only 3.5 m long, with a mass of just 35 kg, this rocket can be used to perform rapid and responsive in-situ measurements in the highest layers of the atmosphere and at the edge of space. A powerful lightweight rocket booster propels an aerodynamically shaped dart containing the payload to a velocity of 6000 km/h, after which the payload compartment separates and coasts to its highest point. Here, the payload is released and performs its mission while it falls back to Earth.

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