Working Meeting - Dialogue on improving situational awareness for satellite operators, owners and designers using SPACESTORM model outputs

Daniel Heynderickx (DH Consultancy), K. Ryden, R. Horne, N. Meredith
Thursday 17th, 17:00 - 18:30, Delvaux

The EU-funded SPACESTORM project has been active in modelling the basic physics and behaviour of Earth’s radiation belts and local plasma. The benefits offered are:
I. the ability to fill in data gaps in regions where there is little or no instrumentation
II. provision of short term forecasts
III. simulation of extreme events enabling the engineering effects on satellites in critical orbits to be better understood.
This session will initially present latest developments in the web-based user interface (SPACECAST) which employs outputs of the models to provide engineering-focussed information across a number of critical orbits. We invite informal feedback and discussion of our latest user-interface and also suggestions for additional information or changes.
In addition we will present some initial results on the engineering impacts of possible extreme events according to the models developed, and will invite discussion on how such information and resulting guidelines can be most usefully presented to the user community. For example different user groups such as satellite operators, insurers and satellite designers may need different types or levels of information so we aim to clarify requirements through discussion.