Working Meeting - Accomplishing Basic and Applied SW Research for the benefit of better SWx predictions and reliable warnings

Terry Onsager (NOAA), Hermann Opgenoorth (IRFU) and Jean Lilensten (CNRS-IPAG)
Friday 18th, 15:00 - 16:30, Mercator

During the ESWW12, we had a Working Meeting to initiate an open discussion among the scientific and operational space weather communities on the appropriate balance between basic and applied research needed to advance space weather understanding and services.
The discussion briefly addressed the questions: Is the space weather enterprise going well? Is it going as it should? Are there any changes that should be made? We noted that different countries have different approaches of space weather and related activities and that better communication among the European and national funding agencies and the involved scientists could perhaps strive to coordinate these complementary efforts. A continuous, open dialogue will be required to maintain the most effective progress of the international space weather effort. This dialogue should not only take place between scientists and service providers on the one hand, and between service providers and end-users on the other hand. In order to base progress in dedicated space weather science on realistic requirements, and user expectations on realistic science understanding and progress expectations, the closure of the communication loop should also involve direct dialogue opportunities between scientists and potential space weather end-users.
The ESWW13 is certainly the best place to continue this discussion and progress in future actions. Therefore, we propose to organise a second round of discussion with the same title. We will ask to the participants to report their own experience, focussing on the situation in their own Country / agency / company in short 5 minute presentations, after which the speakers will take questions and discussion contributions for the floor with the goal to figure out what possible organisation could be used or created to concretely serve as a basis for this forum.
Presentations and discussion should fill 1.5 hours in a balanced way (45+45 mins).