Another X-class flare!

The strongest X-class flare so far this solar cycle was produced early on 20 April. The source of the eruption was behind the southwest solar limb, and not related to activity in the NOAA 2993/2994 sunspot complex in the northeast quadrant.

Hello, I'm back!...

A flare-active sunspot region that rounded the solar west limb 2 weeks ago is about to rotate onto the earth-facing solar hemisphere. During its previous transit, it was the source of numerous M-class flares and produced also an X-class event on 30 March. UPDATE 2: X-class flare!

The best of... 2021!

A compilation of the most memorable space weather moments of 2021, featuring data, links and movies.

Sparkling NOAA 2975

NOAA 2975 was one of the most flare-productive active regions so far this solar cycle, generating also an X-class event on 30 March. The solar radiation intensity and geomagnetic activity from CMEs associated with these eruptions reached only minor storm levels.

Fast Warning from the SIDC

A class X1.3 solar X-ray flare occurred on 30 March 2022 with peak time 17:37UT. A type II and type IV radio emission were detected at 17:32UT and 17:34UT respectively, indicating an associated CME. 

Solar activity moves up a notch

During the last few days, an increase in sunspot numbers, solar flares and earth-directed CMEs have been observed.

Battle of the Scientists

On 22 March, 5 scientists presented their work to thousands of enthousiastic primary school children from all over Flanders. The STCE had 2 scientists participating.

Eugene Parker (1927 - 2022)

NASA has just announced the passing away of Eugene Parker, known for his contributions in the research on the solar wind and coronal heating.

Geomagnetic storms have a birthday party

The CME associated with a long duration event on 10 March impacted the earth enviroment on 13 March and caused a moderate geomagetic storm later that day and early on 14 March.

Moderate flare in tiny sunspot group

An M2 flare erupted in small sunspot region NOAA 2958 on 2 March. The entire fleet of solar satellites was able to record the event.



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