Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

Past STCE Visitors

Visitor name affiliation Stay Period Office Research Area Local contact person Comments
Georgoulis Manolis RCAAM, Academy of Science, Athens, Greece 2017-04-09 -> 2017-04-11 Katsiyannis Talk - STCE Frame Katsiyannis
Seaton Dan CIRES, Univ of Colorado,Boulder, USA 2017-01-23 -> 2017-01-26 STCE visit West,Berghmans,D'Huys,Mierla, Zhukov
Vial Jean-Claude Former Head of Medoc, IAS, Fr 2017-01-18 -> 2017-01-20 STCE visit Dolla/Clette
Nathalia Alzate Aberystwyth University of Wales 2016-12-08 -> 2016-12-22 Collaboration, STCE frame D'Huys PhD student
Dan Ryan Nasa Goddard, USA 2016-07-25 -> 2016-07-29 Dominique STCE Visit Dominique
Pant Vaibhav Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India 2016-06-24 -> 2016-06-29 STCE Mierla & Zhukov & Rodriguez
Cliver Ed Emeritus, NSO, Boulder, USA 2016-06-20 -> 2016-06-26 STCE Clette & Lefevre
Borrero Juan Manuel Kiepenheuer Inst.,Freiburg, Germany 2016-04-20 -> 2016-04-22 PROBA - STCE Mierla/Zhukov
Adele Gratacos La Cambre, BXL 2016-04-12 -> 2016-04-15 Trainee - Visuals STCE Vanlommel/Janssens
Verdini Andrea Lesia, Meudon, France 2016-04-04 -> 2016-04-06 STCE Berghmans/Mierla
Nikoleta Pateraki University of Patras, Greece 2016-03-01 -> 2016-06-30 Joint work on ozone profiles in Uccle and Mosaic profiles Roeland Van Malderen
Butikofer, Rolf University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland 2014-09-01 -> 2014-09-30 Ionosphere/Space Weather Research Stan Stankov RMI
NAVA, Bruno International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy 2014-08-01 -> 2014-08-30 Ionosphere/Space Weather Research Stan Stankov RMI
Dr Richard Menard Canadian Meteorological Center, Dorval 2013-01-15 -> 2013-01-27 L2D3@BIRA Air quality

If you have a visitor in the frame of the STCE who is not listed here, please contact Kevin

What and for who?
The STCE has a visitors program offering financial support. Visitors that collaborate on scientific work that fit the activities of the STCE, are welcome.

The request for approval must be submitted to the STCE coordinator through a member of the Executive Committee. Effort should be done to find a source of co-funding.
The document for refunding is the standard mission reimbursement form used by ROB. The STCE executive committee will take a decision on the allocation of the visitors grant.

We distinguish 2 categories of visitors

1. Short visits (max 2 weeks)
Condition: to give an STCE seminar during the stay
Eligible for reimbursement:
Travel costs
Per diem: max. 50/day
Accommodation costs with a preference to stay in the ROB guest rooms
The STCE coordinator can take the decision alone.

2. Long visits (longer than 2 weeks)
Preference is given to people who collaborate with the 3 institutes in the frame of their visit.
Eligible for reimbursement:
Travel costs
Per diem: max. 50/day
Accommodation costs (look for not too expensive places to stay)

Efforts should be done to find a source of co-funding (e.g. paying for the travel)
Decision to be taken by the EC.

We have also a third option. STCE employees can propose to organise a
3. Workshop, Course or Conference.
A full proposal must be made with the list of invitations, explanation of the purpose and context of the workshop, link to the STCE activities, workplan and an estimated budget. This proposal needs to be introduced well in advance. We expect maximum 30 external participants. Eligible for reimbursement:
Per diem: max. 50/day reduced by 15 euro for each meal provided.
Travel costs in some cases