Fourteenth European Space Weather Week
Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2017, Belgium

The ESWW is the main annual event in the European Space Weather calendar. It is the European forum for Space Weather as proven by the high attendance to the past editions. The agenda will be composed of plenary/parallel sessions, working meetings and dedicated events for service end-users. The ESWW will again adopt the central aim of bringing together the diverse groups in Europe working on different aspects of Space Weather.

Following an excellent response to the call for sessions, the Programme Committee is pleased to invite contributions to sessions, addressing a wide range of scientific and application related themes.

ESWW14 will be held from November 27 - December 1 in Belgium.

The meeting is coordinated by the Belgian Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE), European Space Agency, ESA and the Space Weather Working Team. The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate is an ESWW partner. The local organisation is done by the STCE.