Business meetings

The European Space Weather Week is also the place to organize private Business Meetings (BM). ESWW takes care of the logistics: provides a room, a projection screen, technical support to get the meeting started, etc.

The conveners of a BM are free to chooce a date and time slot. There is no deadline for submission of a BM. Rooms are allocated upon availability.

The title of your Business meeting, day, timeslot and a point of contact will appear online, such that ESWW14 participants are aware and in case of interest, can contact you. To avoid uninvited participants, we will NOT put online which room is allocated to the business meeting, and, of course, the conveners of a BM invite participants.

The organizers are asked to cover rental expenses of the room (300 euro). The organisers can also order a sandwich lunch for 20 euro/person: sandwiches, water, soft, coffee, tea and service. A coffee break separate from the ESWW14 coffee breaks, costs 6 euro/person: coffee or tea, snack and service. The conveners tell the LOC for how many people they need a sandwich lunch or coffee. The LOC will put the catering in one invoice.

Note that participants of a business meeting are also ESWW14 participants and register through the normal procedure for one day or the full week.