Topical Discussion Meetings

List of submitted Topical Discussion Meetings

A key part of the European Space Weather Weeks are the Topical Discussion Meetings. These meetings provide the opportunity for interested participants to address key issues in a style that complements the sessions but differs considerebly. Topical Discussion Meetings are open to all ESWW14 participants.

A Topical Discussion Meeting aims at active participation or interaction between the participants. The participants work and discuss on a predefined theme or problem heading towards an outcome or target.
A working meeting is a 1h 15min informal afternoon meeting with NO abstract submission form and therefore NO poster contributions.

A Topical Discussion Meeting is a discussion or round table. The conveners introduce their meeting in 15 min followed by a 50 min discussion. The conveners appoint with the help of the PC a secretary who makes the minutes on an online platform during the meeting itself. For the secretaries convenience, the PC will offer a template.
The title and the abstract of a Topical Discussion Meeting will be published online. Since a TDM is a forum for discussion, conveners don’t need to fix a speaker list or program.

Wrap up
Shortly after the TDM, the minutes will be made available for all ESWW14 participants on the ESWW14 website and on a screen in the coffee area.

Discussion 'Before and After'
ESWW14 will offer a digital discussion platform that runs until the closure of ESWW14. It will be accessible through the ESWW14 website. The discussion will be put on display on the ESWW14 website and on the screen showing the minutes of the TDM in the coffee area.

Timeline and deadlines

There are deadlines for Topical Discussion Meetings. The time slots and time duration for a TDM are fixed as can be seen in the block diagram.

Call for Topical Discussion Meeting (TDM) - 1st announcementMid March, 2017
Call for TDM - 2nd announcementMid May, 2017
Deadline for submissionMay 31, 2017 included
Notification of acceptance to the conveners End May, 2017
PC Proposes a TDM scheduleJune 12, 2017
Online publication of the final TDM scheduleEnd June, 2017


Submission of a TDM is done online by the TDM conveners. Submissions will be reviewed by the Programme Committee. The convenors will be informed whether their TDM has been selected by the end of May. The Program Committee schedules the TDMs in agreement with the conveners. The TDM schedule will be put online in the course of June.