Daily Live Space Weather Forecast

Space weather forecast services is a way to mitigate space weather impacts.

So, get your daily, live space weather update over the previous 24 hours and a forecast for the next 24 hours each morning such that you come space weather proof through the day.

Get your daily dose of Space Weather forecast from Tuesday to Friday at 9:30, i.e. following the keynote in room Delvaux

Tuesday 28/11Met Office and SANSA
Wednesday 29/11SIDC and SeNMEs
Thursday 30/11Met Office and BGS
Friday 1/12SIDC and NICT

In alphabetical order
- BGS, British Geological Survey, UK
- Met Office, Meteorological Office UK
- NICT, Space Weather Information Center, Japan
- SANSA, South African National Space Agency, South Africa
- SeNMEs, Spanish Space Weather Service
- SIDC, Solar Influences Data Analysis Centre, Belgium

Each space weather bulletin will be recorded and made available through the ESWW14-website.