Tutorial - CubeSats

What are they? Where can they fly? What can they do? Who uses them? Interesting for Space Weather purposes?
Learn this and more while having fun at the CubeSat tutorial.

Monday Nov 27, 10:00 - 12:00, Room Delvaux

Develop a CubeSat
Informal fun appetizer, in the Erehal - as soon as you have arrived and grabbed a coffee. Coffee is served from 9.

What's a CubeSat?
10:10-10:35 by Jan Thoemel
Introductory talk immediately followed by the Jan Thoemel award for the highest ranked participants in the Jan Thoemel quiz.

10:35-11:00 by Johan De Keyser
Talk, not about a painter, but about an up and running CubeSat, immediately followed by the Johan De Keyser award for the highest ranked participants in the Johan De Keyser quiz.

Lessons learned from scientific cubesat missions
11:00-11:25 by Therese Moretto Jørgensen
Talk about the experiences of Therese in the CubeSat world, immediately followed by the Therese Moretto Jørgensen award for the highest ranked participants in the Moretto Jørgensen quiz.

Round table: CubeSat for Space Weather
About the link between CubeSats and Space Weather.

* We start with a 5min introduction by Elzayed Talaat.
* An elevator pitch by all the panel members: Johan De Keyser, Therese Moretto Jørgensen, Elzayed Talaat, Jan Thoemel
* Rocket round: only yes/no answers by the panel members.
* Q&A and panel discussion - we expand the discussion on the yes/no answers. The audience has also the possibility to shoot questions.