The 9th European CubeSat Symposium and ESWW14

This year, the European Space Weather Week 2017 (ESWW14) running from Monday 27th November to Friday 1st December is co-located with the 9th European CubeSat Symposium (9ECS) that runs from Wednesday 29th November to Friday 1st December.

One Ticket for Two Conferences – How does it work?
During this week the two conferences will run in parallel. To simplify the registration process for all the attendees, there will be one single ticket at a fixed price valid for both conferences. This means that every registered attendee is able to attend one or the other conference independently (this is valid for all activities).

However, for logistic reasons every attendee will be asked during the registration process to choose one or the other conference (ESWW14 or 9ECS). This will help the organization committee to appropriately select the contributions and involve the attendees in a more active way.

If you register for ESWW14,
you can submit an abstract for the ESWW14 sessions, apply for a Topical Working Discussion (call will follow), ask for a business meeting, apply for the Live Space Weather Forecast (call will follow), for an ESWW14 fair stand, for an ESWW14 exhibition stand.
ESWW14 participants can help defining the content of ESWW14 and can attend freely the CubeSat sessions.

If you register for the CubeSat Symposium,
you can submit abstracts for the CubeSat sessions, ask for a CubeSat exhibition stand.
CubeSat participants can help defining the content of the CubeSat Symposium and can attend freely the ESWW14 activities.

It is very simple: one ticket for both conference.
ESWW14 participants can attend ALL the CubeSat activities and CubeSat participants can attend ALL the ESWW14 activities.
The coffee breaks, lunches, beer tasting event and conference dinner are also to be shared among all participants.