Ringing SunspotsTM

Becoming a Space Weather expert requires a steady hand in stormy conditions, mastery of Joe-manually-induced currents, and above all timeliness.

The Ringing SunspotsTM Space Weather Forecaster Space Weather Forecasting Performance Forecasting * Infrastructure tests your skills to keep your cool when the surrounding plasma gets hot.

Run the ring along the high voltage wire as fast as possible without making the wire ring.

The quality of Space Weather forecasters can only improve with a healthy competitiveness among those brave enough to put their lives on the line for the community, so timed events will be organised on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 14:00-14:45. Ringing SunspotsTM will be at your disposal to train during other time slots.

Fame and fortune awaits the top performers.

Ring, ring, sunpots gotta sing!
Can you beat the record of 6 solar cycles of the Ringing SunspotsTM expert Christine?

* BZZZZZZ, if you trip over the words, start again at the beginning of the sentence.