Fifteenth European Space Weather Week
November 5 - 9, 2018, Leuven, Belgium

Contest - Design 4 a Ticket and more

The ESWW15 assignment is to make a design in the theme Space Weather Community .

The winning design is used for the website banner, the esww15 poster, presentations, etc. The designer wins the D4T medal which gives free access to ESWW15!

Since 2006, each European Space Weather Week had a theme picture. For ESWW14, we introduced a design competition. For ESWW15 you will also have the opportunity to design the theme picture.

How to participate?
Very simple: send your Space Weather Community design before September 3 to the STCE LOC . We need only a picture/image/cartoon/ ... no text. If your design wins, you should be able to hand it over with a minimum resolution of 150dpi and suitable A4 sheet.

Who decides on the winning design?
A five member jury:
  • Mario Bisi (ESWW PC member)
  • Gemma Bisi (Graphics designer)
  • Alexi Glover (ESWW vice-chair)
  • Pepa Ivanova (Science Artist)
  • Joelke Vandoren (KULeuven LOC ESWW15).
The jury will check if the link with the theme Space Weather Community is clear. Originality and creativity are also taken into account.

When will the winner be announced?
As soon as the jury has reached a verdict, the winner shall be informed. An official announcement will appear on the front page of the ESWW15 website. This is foreseen by mid September.

Why this contest?
The esww13 conference dinner contest proved there was a lot of talent in the space weather community. We wanted to further explore these talents and creativity, now for the second time.

Past designs
The winner of ESWW14 was Christina Planaiki.

Click here to see the other past designs