Contest - Design 4 a Ticket and more

The five member jury is happy to announce the winner of the 'a Design 4 a Ticket' contest:

Erika Palmerio


Click for a larger version.

The design of Erika will be used for the website banner, the esww15 poster, the esww15 badges, presentations, ... and Erika wins a full week esww15 ticket!

It was a neck and neck race with Lilla Juhasz:

Click for a larger version.

The Five member jury
  • Mario Bisi (ESWW PC member)
  • Gemma Bisi (Graphics designer)
  • Alexi Glover (ESWW vice-chair)
  • Pepa Ivanova (Science Artist)
  • Joelke Vandoren (KULeuven LOC ESWW15).
Why this contest?
Since 2006, each European Space Weather Week had a theme picture. The esww13 conference dinner contest proved there was a lot of talent in the space weather community. We wanted to further explore these talents and creativity. From ESWW14, we introduced a design competition. The ESWW15 assignment was to make a design in the theme 'Space weather Community'.

Past designs
The winner of ESWW14 was Christina Planaiki.

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