List of posters
The list of the posters per session can be found the session overview: click on a session for the list of posters.

Printed Posters: where and when?
The printed posters are on during the whole week in the coffee/registration area.

Practical information for printed posters
Please keep the following restrictions in mind preparing your printed poster:
  • Oversized A0 900x1245mm
  • Portrait, landscape will not be possible
  • We advise not to laminate or print on textile as it will complicate attachment, plastic or fabric posters do not stick
  • Posters can be hung up in the morning or during the AM coffee break
  • Please check the number of your poster through the link above
  • You are requested to attach your poster to the panel with according number. Attachment material will be provided
  • Posters should be removed after the final coffee break

2h dedicated poster sessions
Two 2h dedicated poster sessions are organised in the coffee area, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, 15:15 - 17:15. Check the block diagram.
During the dedicated poster session, the author of a poster stands next to his/her poster and addresses session attendants that walk around. Discussion and interaction between authors and attendants is emphasised during the poster session. The interactive posters do not replace the printed poster.

Authors of a poster are invited to apply for an interactive presentation of their work during the dedicated poster sessions on Tuesday 6/11 and Thursday 8/11. A screen is provided to which you can attach your own computer. Please note we are anticipating these presentations will require interaction and not just a "standalone" slide show. We have 2 time slots on Tuesday and Thursday: 15:15-16:15 and 16:15-17:15. We can accommodate 8 presenters for each time slot. You can sign up only once, for 1 time slot. First come, first served.
KULeuven LOC will contact the subscribers for the practical arrangements.

We don't want the screen for the interactive presentations to stand alone.