User Guide to the parallel sessions

Monday Nov 5, 10:00 - 11:45, Promotion Room near the registration desk, in the University Halls

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 3 sessions run parallel. We want to help you to make a choice.

The User Guide to the parallel sessions includes 3 30'rounds. Each round consists of
* Informative speeches from the session ambassadors,
* Hearing of the public,
* Participants take a decision, with help of a sophisticated tool 'The Matchmaker'*.

Note that coffee is served from 9:30 to help you to get awake and fully ready for the live presented User Guide to the parallel sessions.

The Monday sessions dilemma
  • Solar Corona and Heliosphere: From Flares to CMEs and Interplanetary Shocks, by Jasmina Magdalenic,
  • Geomagnetic Storms - Ground and near-Earth Space Weather Impacts, by Craig Rodger
  • Advancements and opportunities towards national and global resilience for space weather events, by Seth Jonas
  • Aviation Meets Space Weather - Roadmap Towards Space Weather Services for Aviation, by Erwin De Donder.

Wednesday sessions dilemma
  • Unveiling Current Challenges in Space Weather Forecasting, by Ryan McGranaghan
  • Radiation Environments: From Solar Origin to Effects on Space Missions, by Eamonn Daly
  • Citizen Science and Public Engagement, by Stijn Calders,
  • Satellite observations of the thermosphere-ionosphere contributing to Space Weather products and forecasting, by Eelco Doornbos.

Friday sessions dilemma
  • Space Weather Instrumentation, by Sylvie Benck
  • Thermosphere and Ionosphere : Irregular dynamics and structures as a response to Space Weather Events, by Brett Carter
  • Critical challenges and recent advances in the reliable forecast of solar activity and extreme space weather events, by Elena Popova,
  • Scientific and technological aspects of planetary space weather, by Mauro Messerotti.

* Participants will be asked to choose their favourite item out of a list.
case 1: Snow white, Gandalf, Superman, Rapunzel.
case 2: EUV, ionosphere, satellite, forecast.
... up to +/- case 20
If the choices of a participant are in most cases the same as the choices of an ambassador, the participant matches with that ambassador and his/her session.

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