Format of a Session

We have 3 flavours of sessions:
  • Plenary sessions, one oriented towards Users and one towards Operations/Services;
  • Parallel Science and Research sessions;
  • Parallel 100% community driven sessions.
A session can be attended by all registered ESWW participants and has two parts: a poster programme and an oral part. The fixed program and abstracts of the oral and poster contributions will be made available online.

Poster programme
The posters are on during the whole week in the coffee/registration area. On Tuesday and Thursday, a 2h dedicated poster session is organised, for all sessions. The poster author stands next to his/her poster during the poster programme and addresses session attendants that walk around. Discussion and interaction between authors and attendants is emphasised during the poster session.

An author of a poster can choose for an interactive presentation of 1h of the poster material during the poster sessions. The presenter gets a screen and attaches his/her personal laptop to it. We have 32 time slots: 16 on Tuesday and 16 on Thursday.

Oral programme
The oral part is a sequence of talks and takes place in a room or auditorium with a seated audience. Interaction between the audience and the presenter is possible through a short Q&A at the end of a presentation.
For Plenary and Parallel Science and Research sessions: the oral part takes 3 hours.
For Parallel Open sessions: the oral part takes 1.5 hours

We wish to emphasise BOTH the posters and the orals. Together, the oral and poster part complement each other.

Submission of contributions to sessions
Submission of contributions to sessions are by default blank. The session conveners label a contribution if accepted, as oral or poster.
If an author doesn't want an oral, he/she can indicate this at submission.

When are the sessions programmed?
Check the block diagram.

Terror of Deadlines
Of course, there are a few deadlines and important dates. Who would we be without them. Yellow is important for ESWW participants. For your convenience, we keep it simple.

Notification email with information on ESWW15 sessionsMid March, 2018
Call for abstractsEarly April, 2018
Deadline for abstract submissionMay 18, 2018, included
Deadline for review of acceptance by session convenersJune 8, 2018, included
Deadline for orals invited by session convenersJune 8, 2018, included
Assignment of poster/oral by session conveners June 19, 2018, included
Notification of poster/oral to the authorsEnd June, 2018
Online publication of accepted contributionsEnd June, 2018

Information for session conveners
The session conveners decide which contribution is an oral or a poster, except when an author explicitly asked for a poster.
Orals should be open and broad.

Number of orals in a session
Take 8 to 10 orals as a guide line for the plenary and the parallel Science & Research sessions of 3 hours.
Take max 6 orals as a guide line for the open sessions of 1.5 hours.

Invited Orals
Before May 18
Session conveners ask the author of an invited oral to submit the abstract through the website. The session conveners label the submission as 'invited oral'.
After May 18
Session conveners contact, deadline June 19, included
Note that authors of invited orals are ESWW15 participants and hence pay the ESWW15 fee.
At this time the number of invited talks per session is limited to 2. This was decided by the PC in order to encourage a broad and varied participation in each session. As session conveners you are encouraged to advertise the session from now and if there are insufficient submissions of good quality the PC may later allow further solicited talks upon request by yourselves. Check here for other deadlines.