Session 11 - Space Weather Instrumentation

Sylvie Benck (Universite Catholique de Louvain), Mervyn Freeman (British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge), Grigory Protopopov (URSC-ISDE, Moscow), Volker Bothmer (Institut für Astrophysik, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
Friday 9/11, 09:00-10:30 & 11:15-12:45
MTC 00.10, Large lecture room

Space weather science, research and forecasting operations rely on data and observations generated by specialized sensors and instrumentation. The purpose of this session is to provide a forum dedicated to Space Weather Instrumentation issues and concepts. Topics to be covered include:

  • Emerging requirements and needs for Space Weather Instrumentation and data;
  • Ground based Space Weather Instruments ;
  • Space based in-situ sensors measuring cause (particles and fields) and effect (internal charging, surface charging, solar cell degradation etc);
  • Space based remote sensing instruments (coronagraphs etc);
  • Novel use cases for heritage Space Weather Instruments, allowing re-use of existing assets.

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Talks : Time schedule

Friday November 9, 09:00 - 10:30, MTC 00.10, Large lecture room
09:00In-situ environment monitoring by space weather missions to the Sun-Earth Lagrange pointsRae, J et al.Oral
09:18Lagrange Remote Sensing Instruments: the Extreme UltraViolet Imager (EUVI)Kintziger, C et al.Oral
09:36Space Weather Monitoring with the NOAA GOES-16 Spacecraft: Instruments, Products and Initial Observations Lotoaniu, P et al.Oral
09:54The Space Weather Alternative In-Situ Demonstrator (SWAID) Mission Concept: An alternative to the GOES spacecraft in-situ observationsRedmon, R et al.Oral
10:12Analysis of the new Environmental Monitoring Units on-board EU Galileo satellitesSandberg, I et al.Oral

Friday November 9, 11:15 - 12:45, MTC 00.10, Large lecture room
11:15Timepix Detector Spacecraft Instrumentation and Radiation Monitor Payloads for Satellites and CubesatsGranja, C et al.Oral
11:33The Energetic Particle Telescope (EPT): its performances and its proposed miniaturizationBorisov, S et al.Oral
11:51Low resource magnetometer for space weather applications and implementation on RadCubePalla, C et al.Oral
12:09New space-derived small platforms are generating in-orbit opportunities for space weather instrumentationBoithias, H et al.Oral
12:27LOFAR4SpaceWeather: Towards Space Weather Monitoring with Europe’s Largest Radio TelescopeFallows, R et al.Oral


1Plasma spectrometers with beam tracking strategies for space weather science applicationsDe keyser, J et al.p-Poster
2High Spectral and Temporal Resolution Spectro - Polarimeter near the Ionospheric cut - off for solar radio observations and preliminary resultsKumari, A et al.p-Poster
3The GOES-16 Energetic Heavy Ion Sensor (EHIS)Rodriguez, J et al.p-Poster
4System of space radiation exposure monitoring based on semiconductor sensitive elementsProtopopov, G et al.p-Poster
5PECASUS: Space Weather instrumentation for a global space weather service to support civil aviationKauristie, K et al.p-Poster
6The in-situ detection of ultra-relativistic electrons by LYRA, an UV radiometer on board PROBA2Katsiyannis, T et al.p-Poster
7Edge computing for space applications: probabilistic description of dataEchim, M et al.p-Poster
8RadMag space weather instrument developmentZabori, B et al.p-Poster
9CLARA on NorSat-1: A new operational space experiment to measure Total Solar IrradianceSchmutz, W et al.p-Poster
10Imaging the far corona in EUV: SUVI Extended Corona ObservationsHurlburt, N et al.p-Poster
11FORESAIL-1: Energetic particle and de-orbiting experiments with a CubeSatVainio, R et al.p-Poster
12Contributions of SuperDARN to space weather science and potential operational systems.Lester, M et al.p-Poster
13Monitoring of space weather conditions with LOFAR station in Borowiec Matyjasiak, B et al.p-Poster
14The Gaia spacecraft focal plane as a radiation monitorSerpell, E et al.p-Poster
15Zenith: the upper atmosphere radiosonde detectorDyer, A et al.p-Poster
16Software defined radio technologies for monitoring of the solar activityMarqué, C et al.p-Poster
17SMILE: Exploring Solar-Terrestrial Relationships in a Novel and Global WayBranduardi-raymont, G et al.p-Poster
18An All-Sky Heliospheric Imager (ASHI) for Viewing Thomson-Scattered Light: Updates on ProgressBisi, M et al.p-Poster
19Current status and future plans of NICT ionospheric observationsTsugawa, T et al.p-Poster
20Solar radio observation from Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission: a potential new dataset for space weather servicesCrapolicchio, R et al.p-Poster
21Enhancing space weather forecast capabilities by vector-magnetograms obtained from deep spaceStaub, J et al.p-Poster
23The remote-sensing package for ESA's Lagrange missionDavies, J et al.p-Poster