Session 4 - Aviation Meets Space Weather - Roadmap Towards Space Weather Services for Aviation

Marcin Latocha (Seibersdorf Laboratories), Erwin De Donder (BIRA-IASB)
Monday 5/11, 15:45-17:15
MTC 01.03

We aim to enhance a roadmap for a space weather service for aviation. We emphasize user-oriented approach intending to present user needs, practical user’s solutions for dealing with space weather effects, recommendations and legal regulations, and current trends in aviation operation due to space weather. We invite pilots, flight dispatchers, airline operators, aviation organizations, regulatory bodies, engineers and scientists to support dialog between users and service developers.

KEYWORDS - Services for aviation, space weather effects on aviation, radiation, radiation protection, avionics errors, ionospheric disturbances, aircraft communication and navigation signals

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Talks : Time schedule

Monday November 5, 15:45 - 17:15, MTC 01.03
15:45PECASUS, a European Space Weather Service Network for AviationKauristie, K et al.Oral
16:10Smartphone-Based Network for Measurements of Atmospheric Radiation Levels Clewer, B et al.Oral
16:25DISTURB: real-time solar spectrum monitoring from 10 to 3000 MHzBrentjens, M et al.Oral
16:40HF-START: Radio Propagation Information Service for AviationHozumi, K et al.Oral
16:55Space-wx for airline pilotsSievers, K et al.Oral


1First analysis of GLE 72 using neutron monitor data and assessment of radiation environment at aviation altitudesMishev, A et al.p-Poster
2On user liaison between space weather services and the aviation sectorVan den oord, G et al.p-Poster
3Radiation Environment at Flight Altitude: Model Verification with Aircraft MeasurementJiyoung, K et al.p-Poster
4PECASUS: GNSS user domain serviceWilken, V et al.p-Poster
5PECASUS: Radiation Expert Group and ServiceDe donder, E et al.p-Poster
6Assessing the radiation level at aviation altitude along different route in South Africa.Nndanganeni, R et al.p-Poster
7Upgrade of the International GLE database for estimation of radiation exposure at flight altitudesMishev, A et al.p-Poster
8Integration of DYASTIMA to European Space AgencyTezari, A et al.p-Poster
9Current Status of WASAVIES: Warning System for Aviation Exposure to Solar Energetic ParticleSato, T et al.p-Poster