Session 5 - Working with Space Weather Services, Now and in the Future

Alexi Glover (ESA), Peter Thorn (Met Office)
Tuesday 6/11, 09:00-10:30 & 11:15-12:45
MTC 00.10, Large lecture room

This session will invite space weather service users from a broad range of domains to address both current use of space weather services and future needs. Focus will be on the period of severe space weather activity in September 2017 in terms of recent experience, with consideration given to the potential impact from a more extreme “Carrington”-like event. The presenters will be encouraged to discuss their experience in utilising space weather products and services and, where possible, any observed impacts on their operations and/or systems resulting from the September events, or other recent experience. User requirements for new or improved space weather services, will be discussed taking into account both current experience and expected evolution within the user domain in the coming years.

The two plenary sessions during ESWW15 will be linked by the theme of extreme event response to mitigate the impacts within and between user domains. Taking the – severe but not extreme – space weather events of September 2017 as a guide, the two sessions will conclude with 45min panel discussions. The panel will address key questions relating to high priority needs for actionable space weather information and consider how the events observed in 2017 might scale in the case of an extreme “Carrington”-like event, and the information that would be expected from a space weather service in these circumstances. The Tuesday session will address the user perspective on these scenarios, and the outputs of the discussion will feed into the Thursday discussion which will focus on corresponding space weather service capabilities and development needs.

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Talks : Time schedule

Tuesday November 6, 09:00 - 10:30, MTC 00.10, Large lecture room
09:00IntroductionGlover, A et al.Oral
09:10Operational Preparedness for Geostationary satellite OperatorsPitchford, D et al.Oral
09:30Space Weather Impacts on Railway NetworksLochman, L et al.Oral
09:50GEO Satellites Withstanding Space Weather: Eutelsat's experienceZamora, D et al.Oral
10:10Space weather information for aviation: past experience, status and progressRobert, E et al.Oral

Tuesday November 6, 11:15 - 12:45, MTC 00.10, Large lecture room
11:15Reopen sessionGlover, A et al.Oral
11:20The use of Space Weather information as part of EGNOS performance monitoring activitiesMagdaleno, S et al.Oral
11:40UK Government Response to Space WeatherProwse, M et al.Oral
12:00Panel discussionGlover, A et al.Oral


1OFRAME: connecting space weather research and applications in FranceDudok de wit, T et al.p-Poster
2Regional Warning Center SwedenWintoft, P et al.p-Poster