Session 8 - Citizen Science and Public Engagement

Stijn Calders (BIRA-IASB), Yihua Zheng (CCMC)
Wednesday 7/11, 09:00-10:30
MTC 01.03

Citizen Science is scientific work undertaken by members of the general public, often in collaboration with or under the direction of professional scientists and scientific institutions. It is a fairly new term, but an old practice. Richard Christopher Carrington (26 May 1826 – 27 November 1875), for example, was an English amateur astronomer whose 1859 astronomical observations demonstrated the existence of solar flares as well as suggesting their electrical influence upon the Earth and its aurorae.

Recently, Citizen Science has gained renewed interest as a way to involve the public in scientific research. It is often seen as a win-win solution: on one hand it promotes public engagement to scientists, contributing to the democratisation of science, and on the other hand it empowers the public and enhances scientific literacy. Projects like Sunspotter and Aurorasaurus, but also aurora and eclipse tourism, prove that there is a strong interest from the general public in this topic.

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Talks : Time schedule

Wednesday November 7, 09:00 - 10:30, MTC 01.03
09:00Promoting Space Weather to the publicBrekke, P et al.Invited Oral
09:15The Radio Meteor Zoo : a Citizen Science project using BRAMS dataLamy, H et al.Oral
09:30The spark of crowdsourced opportunities & outcomes for space weatherMacdonald, E et al.Invited Oral
09:45Sunspotter: Solar Physics in the ClassroomMurray, S et al.Oral
10:00How to engage the public in space weather researchCalders, S et al.Invited Oral


1Engaging students and public in space weather analysis and forecasting Chulaki, A et al.p-Poster