Important dates for Submission of Abstract to Sessions

#Submission of Abstracts
April 15 - June 9, 2019
Session conveners:
# review the submissions 'accept/reject/move to another session'
by June 17, 2019
Programme Committee:
# allocates 2 or 3 time slots to each R&S parallel session,
# confirms final list of 100CC parallel sessions and,
# informs R&S and 100CC session conveners
June 24, 2019
Session conveners:
# review of accepted submissions 'oral/poster'
# send the time schedule of oral part of session (*)
by June 30, 2019
#Notification of acceptance/poster/oral
#Online publication of oral time schedule and posters
by July 10, 2019
#Late submissions, by default poster
June 10 - October 1, 2019
#Late submissions online
by October 10, 2019

Green is important for ESWW participants.

A simple email with the schedule (title/presenters name + duration) to the LOC will do, .
A parallel time slot is 1h 15’ and can accommodate a maximum of 5 orals.
A plenary time slot is 1h 30'.

Keydates for Topical Discussion Meetings

For TDM conveners: Submission of TDMsApril 15 - June 9, 2019
Notification of acceptance and draft TDM scheduleby June 30, 2019
Online publication of schedule of TDMsby July 10, 2019

'ESWW Registration' is the record holder for important dates

Participation only: Full week
Early birdup to and including July 31300 Euro
RegularAugust 1 to November 4 inclusive400 Euro
Onsite500 Euro
Student - Early birdup to and including July 31100 Euro
Student - Regularfrom August 1 to November 4 inclusive300 Euro
Student - Onsite400 Euro

Participation only: Single day
Early birdup to and including July 31125 Euro
Regularfrom August 1 to November 4 inclusive175 Euro
Onsite200 Euro

Contributing Participants: full week
Regular Sponsor, includes 1 feeup to and including October 1500 Euro
Diamond Sponsor, includes 2 feesup to and including October 11250 Euro
More info on Sponsor packages

Deadline for nominations for ESWW medals

Submission of nominationsSeptember 8, 2019
More info on ESWW medals

They have deadline for everything these days: