Music after Work

Tuesday November 19, 20:00-23:00, Bar des Congressistes, Conference site

An evening with free-podium and Dj sets.

Start to Dj, a casual Dj, or seasoned Dj, ESWW2019 is your chance to play your favourite music for an enthousiast public. Just bring along your Dj-set and we will plug it in.

ESWW2019 is also the place where you can grab the microphone and sing out loud your favourite song, accompanied by our star drummer Olivier and maybe by a colleague who can accidentally has brought a guitar or harmonica or ...? If you want to discuss your Dj set or vocals before hand, contact the LOC

The Music evening is also the place to listen, move your feet to the beat, have a drink* and chat.

So many possibilities. Enjoy the evening and have fun!

* Drinks can be ordered and payed at the bar.

A preview on the Music evening, be prepared!