Business Meetings

The European Space Weather Week is also the place to organize your private Business Meeting (BM).
ESWW is an excellent time to meet your colleagues and project collaborators since many are present.

What do you as a convener of a BM have to do?
You only have to worry about the content of the meeting and the invitation of your participants.

What will be arranged for you?
The STCE LOC will take care of the practicalities, e.g. room, technical support and coffee breaks, lunch if needed.

What does a Business Meeting cost?
We ask 300 euro to cover rental expenses of the room. An additional cost is charged if you want a coffee break seperate from the daily ESWW2019 coffee breaks. Lunch is also possible. Prices will be given on request.

Other important things
Business Meetings can't overlap with the plenary sessions. Invitees to Business Meetings must be ESWW2019 participants and should therefore register to the ESWW2019 allowing access to all ESWW2019 activities depending on the sort (full week or 1 day) of registration. Conveners of a Business Meeting should communicate this to their invitees.

Do you want a private Business Meeting?

Email the LOC about the day/time of preference and expected number of participants.
Rooms are allocated upon availability.