User Guide to space weather services

Monday Nov 18, 10:00 - 11:45, Rogier

Which space weather service would serve you? Why should you start using a particular space weather service? Let 7 space weather providers convince you of being useful, good, reliable, cheap, timely, easy to understand, clear, ...

Space Weather Services - at your service

From the users perspective
What does a satellite operator wants? - Dave Pitchford
What does civil aviation wants? - Erwin De Donder

Space Weather Service Providers' sales pitch
7 Space Weather Service Providers try to convince you of using their service: What? - for Whom? - Why should you use it?
Each Space Weather Service Provider focusses on 1 keyword or slogan that describes the service best.

Feel and try 1 of the 3 Space Weather Service Portals - parallel
10:30-11:00, Coffee area
Participants choose 1 of the 3 service demo's
  1. The University of Colorado SWx TREC Space Weather Portal - Thomas Baltzer
  2. SSA SWE portal quick start tutorial - Olivier Lamborelle
  3. SPINLab, Laboratory for the monitorisation of Space Weather events and the mitigation of their impact - Fernando Pinheiro
4 Detailed but short Space Weather Service fast shows
4 services on a row - each service gets 10' on stage - not more, not less
  1. Accessing NOAAs high resolution magnetospheric, solar wind and magnetic field model data and more - Paul Lotoaniu
  2. NICT, Japan - Mamoru Ishii
  3. 3-D Forecasting from Heliospheric Remote-Sensing - Bernard Jackson
  4. Satellite Risk Forecast - Richard Horne
The service recognition test
Let's check if the user is into these services - the keyword detectors, Yana and David will write down 'words' linked to the presented services. If you can match the word to the correct service, you go to the next round.
Each round will be peer reviewed: your neighbour will check if you are correct.

The winner of the service recognition test is
Konstantina Loumou

Our favourite cat about the concept 'service':