Sessions: TO DO & TIMELINE

The convener work on the sessions will run in 2 rounds.

Round 1: selection of abstracts for oral presentations
July 15th – August 20th
The submission of abstracts for oral presentations will be open by 1st July 2022 (included), after which the PC will decide on the time-slots assigned to each session by 15th July 2022 (included). The conveners will then be asked to accept/decline so far submitted abstracts and assign oral presentations. The proposed sesion schedule needs to be approved by PC. The conveners will need to provide their feedback on the session to PC/LOC by preferably by early August, but at latest by 20th August 2022 (included) so all the speakers/poster presenters can be properly notified and the program released in late August.

Round 2: selection of abstracts for late poster presentations and appointment of chairs
September 10th – October 1st
The abstract submission will be kept open for late poster abstract submissions until 10th September 2022 (included), after which the conveners will be asked to accept/decline so far submitted late poster abstracts and assign chairs. The meeting will be in hybrid form, i.e. sessions will run in person and online over zoom in parallel. Each session therefore needs to have 2 chairs: one on site and one online. The chairs are assigned by the conveners (conveners can choose to act as chairs or appoint someone else to take the role). The conveners will need to provide their feedback on the sessions to PC/LOC by 1st October 2022 (included) so all the late poster presenters can be properly notified and the program finalized, which is to be released early October.


The conference is planned to be hybrid and poster presentations are planned as:
  1. on-site printed posters (for in-person attendance only)
  2. quick view (for all poster presenters, online poster material displayed at ESWW website)
  3. short video (for online poster presenters only, to be compiled into a single video to be displayed on the screens in the poster room onsite)


Starting from mid June 2022 the conveners will be able to keep track of the abstracts submitted to their session via submission system. In order to check the abstracts submitted to the session you convene you need to:
  1. create a login into the submission system (if you haven't already)
  2. send an email to the LOC ( to link your account to the session where you are the convener (note that this takes a couple of days)
  3. once you are linked to the specific session a link called “My sessions” will be available under your account when you are logged in - from there you will be able to list all submitted contributions and review them