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Deadline: 13th April 2022, included.

Each year, during the European Space Weather Week (ESWW) conference, people from all over the world gather to discuss the newest insights and state-of-the-art in space weather; endeavoring to address the challenges and impacts that space weather poses. Science, data exploitation, observations, service development, operational models, engineering, industrial challenges, etc, are all relevant and some of the most important aspects of space weather. The overarching theme for ESWW2022 is ‘The importance of comprehensive space weather monitoring’, with a number of session topics reflecting this theme.

One of the strengths of the conference is that the participants can contribute largely to its content. We would like to invite and encourage you and your colleagues to submit a proposal for a session in one of the three formats: The online submission opens 31st January and the deadline for submission is 13th April 2022, included.

When submitting a session proposal, the following is required:
* session title (100CD only) or select topic/title from list (Plenary and SWR)
* name, affiliation and email address of the conveners
* session abstract (max 1500 characters)

There are some further details depending on the type of the session for which the submission applies. Diversity in conveners is encouraged, and the conveners should assign a session chair that is able to attend in-person, in Croatia (can be decided in a later stage).

The ESWW Programme Committee (PC) will decide which of the submitted sessions are accepted.
Multiple submissions for a session by the same person are allowed, but PC is strongly encouraging diversity and this will be taken into account when selecting the sessions. The PC strongly encourages those who have not previously submitted to convene a session to do so. Session conveners will be notified by mid-May.

Kind regards
Mario Bisi and Mateja Dumbovic, on behalf of the ESWW2022 PC