ESWW2022 will at all times conform to the active epidemiological measures in Croatia. Note that epidemiological measures can be changed from one week to another. However, at all times we recommend that in-person participants follow the standard epidemiological measures:
  • keep social distance, avoid handshaking and touching shared equipment (e.g. screens, standing microphones, etc.)
  • regularly disinfect their hands using disinfectants and/or water and soap
  • wear masks as much as feasible where social distance is not possible
  • are fully vaccinated for COVID-19
Disinfectant will be provided throughout the venue. Masks will be made available to participants. Testing will not be possible in the venue.

Short overview of current epidemiological measures in Croatia
Travel restrictions:None
Restrictions for conferences and meetings:None
Restrictions for bars/restaurants/night clubs/etc:None
Restrictions for Individuals:None
Masks:- Mandatory in all human and health services facilities including clinics, hospitals and social service centers.
- Recommended indoors where larger crowds are expected.

For the latest information on COVID-19 cases and epidemiological measures in Croatia, please visit the  Croatian Government’s COVID-19 website .

COVID-19 Testing
A test can be arranged at the several locations.
The cost of a local test (rapid antigen test or a PCR test) ranges from $40 to $150 or more, depending upon the location, and the result can be expected between 1-48 hours depending upon the type of the test.
Travelers departing Croatia from Zagreb Airport can make a test at the airport.