Live Space Weather Forecast

Short 3-5min live SW forecasts will be presented every day covering various aspects from solar and geomagnetic activity, through spacecraft and satellite operations, ionospheric conditions, HF communication and impact on aviation down to ground based infrastructures, such as power grids, pipelines and rail. For more information, please, check the schedule below.

Mon 24/11, 12:05 Natural Resources Canada Robyn Fiori Aviation and ionospheric disturbances
Tue 25/11, 10:15 Met OfficeRebecca Spalton Spacecraft and Satellite Operators
Wed 26/11, 10:15 British Geological Survey Gemma Richardson Ground based infrastructure - power grids, rail, pipelines
Thu 27/11, 10:15 Royal Observatory of BelgiumYana Maneva Solar Activity/Space Weather Forecast Community
Fri 28/11, 10:15 South African National Space AgencyRendani Nndanganeni HF communication

Service announcement for speakers
please ensure you pay attention to the following guidelines and information:
  1. The live forecast should be 4-5 minutes – under no circumstances should you overrun, although it can be shorter.
  2. The live forecast should be accessible to all – take care not to treat it like a scientific presentation.
  3. Please follow any instructions provided by the LOC with regards upload and delivery of slides – we will ensure instructions are provided in good time.
  4. There will not be time for questions following your forecast.
  5. Live forecasts will be filmed by the LOC, with the recording shown throughout the remainder of the day in the coffee/poster/networking areas (and made available for viewing online)
Good luck and have fun as a live space weather forecaster.