Monday Oct 24, 10:00 - 11:30, Water

The tutorial will start in room Water with a 5 minute introduction/division into 4 in-person groups.

In the scope of the ESWW program a tutorial is traditionally organized at the beginning of the ESWW. This year we have a tutorial with 5 different topics and 5 tutors, each tutor covering their corresponding topic from their own perspective/niche/domain/sector.

There will be five physical rooms, each devoted to one of the tutorial topics. Participants will be divided into four in-person groups and one online group (hence one room is for virtual presentation/discussion). There will be five tutors and five moderators (one of which is dedicated online). The tutors stay where they are, whereas the four in-person groups move between the rooms (lead by the moderator). Each tutor will have 4 minutes per group for a short overview on their topic and 9 minutes for discussion. There will be a two minutes break between each group per topic (so groups can move rooms). The online people stay all the time in the same zoom room with their online moderator - and each presenter will join when it’s their turn to do the online group.

The tutorial will last 80 minutes in total: 5 minutes introduction to ALL (in one go) in room Water, 15 minutes for each session, which includes a 4-minute overview by the tutor, 9 minutes for discussion and 2 minutes for moving rooms.

The five topics:
  1. Engineered/Processes for mitigation against Space Weather impacts/effects
    Tutor: Chigomezyo Ngwira, Orion Space Solutions (online)
    Room: Water
  2. Space-Weather Forecasts and Commercial Applications
    Tutor: Marcin Latocha, Seibersdorf laboratories (in-person)
    Room: Poster hall
  3. Research-to-operations (R2O) – processes
    Tutor: Alexi Glover, ESA (in-person)
    Room: Fire
  4. Operations-to-research (O2R) – processes
    Tutor: Siegfried Gonzi, Met Office (in-person)
    Room: Air
  5. Artificial Intelligence
    Tutor: Elena Popova, Uni. Bernardo O’Higgins (online)
    Room: Earth

Continuously experimenting and learning

Service announcement : Groups & moderators

Water (10:05) > Poster hall (10:20) > Earth (10:35) > Fire (10:50) > Air (11:05)
Moderator: Kamen Kozarev (in-person)

Poster hall (10:05) > Earth (10:20) > Fire (10:35) > Air (10:50) > Water (11:05)
Moderator: Petra Vanlommel (in-person)

Earth (10:05) > Fire (10:20) > Air (10:35) > Water (10:50) > Poster hall (11:05)
Moderator: Jasa Calogovic (in-person)

Fire (10:05) > Air (10:20) > Water (10:35) > Poster hall (10:50) > Earth (11:05)
Moderator: Karmen Martinic (in-person)

Air (10:05) > Water (10:20) > Poster hall (10:35) > Earth (10:50) >Fire (11:05)
Moderator: Mateja Dumbovic (online)