Session P4 - Space Weather Effects on ground-level systems: Industrial and Other End users

Ciaran Beggan (British Geological Survey), Juliane Huebert (British Geological Survey), Aziza Bounhir (University of Marrakech)

Large and rapid changes of the geomagnetic field can produce numerous effects on surface or near-surface technology and have potentially detrimental impacts on its users. These effects include, for example, induced geoelectric fields which lead to Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GICs) in grounded technology, effects on radio propagation for over-the-horizon communication and retardation of timing signals in GNSS systems leading to loss of proper functionality. Understanding how and why extreme geomagnetic fluctuations occur is vital for developing models and methodologies to predict their effects during space weather events. In this session, talks on measuring, modelling and predicting externally-driven ground geomagnetic activity are solicited. Research on the effects on ground-based technology such as GICs in power grid, pipelines and railways, as well as the impact on positioning, navigation and timing applications are welcome. In addition, presentations on the broader or unintended consequences of space weather effects on ground technology can signpost and explore future avenues of research.