Session SWR3 - Radiation Belts Forecast Applications for End-Users: from current achievements and needs to future requirements

Vincent Maget, onsite (ONERA, France), Ingmar Sandberg, onsite (SPARC, Greece), Alexi Glover, onsite (ESA/ESOC, Germany)

The prediction of Radiation Belts dynamics is a key element for the creation of reliable operation models. This field is currently very active in terms of on-going research and development efforts in the framework of Space Weather activities (fundings from National Agencies, EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and European Space Agency’s Space Safety Programme). Quality of Radiation Belts nowcast and forecast is of prime importance for satellite stakeholders and operators in order to ensure the survivability of their in-orbit systems. However, bridging domains to ensure specific needs and requirements of the End-Users can be met with current and future capabilities of Space Weather oriented tools and models continues to be challenging. In parallel, provision of accurate nowcasts and forecasts remain always challenging as it requires federating together members from the whole Sun-Earth connection scientific community, especially to quantify successfully the dynamical radiation environment along satellite orbits. The purpose of this session is to bring together scientists, operators and modelers that have been involved in recent and on-going European efforts, spanning from the definition of the current and the future End-Users requirements, to the developments conducted on all related critical topics. Highlights on nowcast/forecast framework design, validation and performance assessment, as well as on data and models used and/or expected to improve such forecast, are welcome.

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Thursday October 27, 08:30 - 13:30, Poster Area

Thursday October 27, 14:15 - 15:30, Fire Hall

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Talks : Time schedule

Thursday October 27, 14:15 - 15:30, Fire Hall
14:15A prototype service for the prediction of the outer Van Allen Belt dynamics Daglis, I et al.Oral
14:30Radiation belt forecasts from the SaRIF and Sat-Risk projectsGlauert, S et al.Oral
14:45Forecasting the Source/Seed Electron Population at GEOKatsavrias, C et al.Oral
15:00Reconstructing the dynamics of the outer electron radiation belt by means of the standard and ensemble Kalman filter with the VERB-3D codeCastillo tibocha, A et al.Oral
15:15Operational model (IMPTAM) for keV electrons in the inner Earth's magnetosphereGanushkina, N et al.Oral


1A new Earth Radiation Belt Forecast And Nowcast (RB-FAN) Framework based on the Salammbô data assimilation codesFerlin, A et al.Poster
2SWE Network: Radiation Belt Activity Indices for Surface Charging, Internal Charging and Solar Array DegradationSicard, A et al.Poster
3Data assimilation as a baseline for Space Weather and Climatology: work done at ONERABrunet, A et al.Poster
4Plasmaspheric Products for Space Weather ServicesLichtenberger, J et al.Poster
5Waves in the Inner Magnetosphere and their Effects on Radiation Belt Electrons [WIRE]Wang, D et al.Poster