Session SWR5 - Geomagnetic Activity on Earth's Surface and Effects on Ground-Based Technological Systems

Audrey Schillings (Department of Physics, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden), Liisa Juusola (Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland), Chigomezyo Ngwira (Orion Space Solutions, Louisville, USA)

Solar activity influences the terrestrial environment and can cause geomagnetic activity that induce electric fields in the conducting ground. The geoelectric field on Earth’s surface, in turn, drives geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) in conductor networks. Several reports have highlighted the vulnerability of our high-tech society to GIC and the need for a better understanding of space weather events that drive them.
We invite poster and oral contributions on recent advances in the understanding the causes and consequences of GIC from a scientific point of view. The session will be dedicated to space weather events and geomagnetic activity related to GIC in ground-based technological systems and forecasts using various models.
The session will especially focus on:
- Rapid geomagnetic variations associated with solar wind-magnetospheric-ionospheric processes during quiet and disturbed times (SuperMAG, INTERMAGNET, IMAGE, and others)
- Response of earth’s magnetic field to space weather events (SWARM, CHAMP, ePOP and others)
- GIC due to extreme space weather events
- Nowcasting/forecasting of space weather events
We particularly encourage contributions related on rapid magnetic field variations associated to substorm currents, Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities, Omega bands and others.