Topical Discussion Meeting - International Space Weather Action Teams: Community-Driven Effort to Advance Space Weather Capabilities

Mash Kuznetsova (NASA), Rui Pinto (IRAP), Suzy Bingham (Met Office)
Wed, 11:30-12:45, Water

COSPAR International Space Weather Action Teams (ISWAT) initiative with more than 500 active members includes 56 Action Teams working via self-guided topical collaborations addressing challenges across the field of space weather. Action Teams are organized into 15 SWAT Clusters by domain, phenomena, or overarching activity. The three regimes, Sun - Heliosphere - Geospace, cover chains of space weather phenomena linked to major space environment impacts on critical infrastructure (e.g., power grid systems, navigation/communications, (aero)space assets) and human health. ISWAT Clusters are enhancing our capabilities through shared resources forming partnerships to maximize return on investments to national and international space weather programs. The TDM will start with a scene setting introduction summarizing outcomes from the 3rd ISWAT Working Meeting (Coimbra, Portugal, 26-30 September 2022, and status of Community-led COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap update efforts coordinated by ISWAT. The brief update will be followed by open discussion on Roadmap recommendations, high priority actions and community-wide campaigns, and approach to improving international coordination.