Topical Discussion Meeting - Coordination of international space weather activities

Kenneth Holmlund (WMO), Kirsti Kauristi (FMI), Mash Kuznetsova (NASA), Jesse Andries (ROB)
Thu, 11:30-12:45, Air

Coordination between international organisations undertaking activities in space weather is critical to focus efforts, avoid duplication of effort and to improve harmonisation of space weather activities. UN COPUOS have this year recommended that the key international space weather organisations: COSPAR, ISES and WMO, take a leadership role in driving forward future international coordination on space weather activities between these key organisations and other relevant entities.This TDM will begin with an overview of activities undertaken by the key space weather organisations and then active discussion from participants will be encouraged. Discussion topics may include: synergies in and harmonising of activities, challenges in harmonising activities, any gaps in activities, what entities and agencies can do to promote improvement on coordination.The goal of this TDM is to promote discussion on coordination of space weather activities and to encourage the COSPAR, ISES and WMO communities to work together for the benefit of the space weather community.