Topical Discussion Meeting - ESA SWE Service Network and Portal in support of Science Operations of Interplanetary Missions

Olivier Lamborelle (SSCC), Hannah Laurens (ESA)
Fri, 11:30-12:45, Air

The ESA SWE Service Network regularly engages with end-users to solicit feedback on current capabilities and recommendations for the future evolution of the data products and tools offered. The Portal includes a service dedicated to forecasts and nowcasts and provides alerts related to Space Weather in the Solar System. Science Operations during Interplanetary missions might be affected by CMEs and SEPs. The solar wind and CME forecasts and commentaries provide an assessment of the conditions likely to prevail and should be considered when preparing scientific operations activities and instruments or spacecraft data. The ESA SWE Service Network and Portal provide data products, tools and support that can help scientists and science operators anticipate, possibly mitigate the effect of Solar Wind on instruments and spacecraft, as well as support the analysis of instruments and spacecraft data. The topical discussion meeting will start with an overview of the service currently offered and introduce features coming up soon like the new Magnetic Connectivity tool, the new high-energy SEP environment calculator, the new Very high-energy solar proton event database, the NGRM and RB-FAN products, or the improved Solar Map. It will then include an interactive, facilitated discussion to further understand the needs and interests for the portal and its products from the science community in interplanetary missions.